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Full Spectrum Series

Awesome for climbers of all ages and skill levels. Everything you need to overcome a climbing plateau or send your project.

6 Varied Climbing Training Sessions Weekly

9 Technical Drills

Enhanced Warm-Up Routine

Comprehensive Hip Mobility Program

Non-Climbing Strength Training (Pull, Push, Legs, Core)

Finger Strength Specific Training

Educational Materials on Mindset, Visualization, Breathing, Heart-Rate Control, Nutrition, and More


Paradigm Base Plans are pre-written plans designed to elevate your climbing prowess across all levels. With insights gleaned from working with nearly 1000 athletes ranging from V0 to V16 and 5.1 to 5.15, we've curated a program that promises significant advancements in your climbing skills and overall fitness.

WHAT IS The FUll Spectrum Series?

We developed the Full Spectrum Improvement Series to offer climbers a taste of the remarkable success seen in our Plus and Elite Plans and Coaching. Whether you're preparing for our other programs, on our waitlist, or simply seeking to accelerate your climbing journey, this program is tailored for you.

While this program is bouldering-centric, climbers from all disciplines stand to gain substantially from its drills and exercises.

Please Note: Unlike our personalized programs, this pre-written plan does not include a fully customized schedule, 24/7 communication, or video analysis. However, you may add-on coaching or video analysis for an extra fee.

Full Spectrum Series highlights

  • Full 5-Week Training Program

  • Video How-Tos for all drills and exercises

  • Scalable drills suitable for climbers of V3/5.10a and above

  • Recommended yet customizable schedule

  • Accessible via Google Docs + Sheets for seamless mobile use

  • Weekly progressions tailored for optimal results

  • Option for coaching communication

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