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Nadjya Karlov

V8+ and USAC Divisionals


Working with Paradigm Climbing was the best decision i ever made. I went from projecting V4s to climbing V8 and from getting last at youth Regionals to qualifying for my first youth divisionals. Ive seen major improvement and i’ve been very happy with how each cycle turns out. Its always a pleasure working with Charlie and getting to see all the hard work we do pay off. Highly recommend Charlie if you want to get better at climbing.


Joe Nguyen

From V7/8 to V10+


Charlie has been the best coach a climbing coach can have. Having extensive training experience can be a double edged sword. Charlie is able to provide help with attacking your weaknesses and even just identifying what should be your priority to work on. I've been working with Charlie for 2 years and I can't imagine working with anyone else.


Christopher Tiano

From V2 to V8


I started working with Charlie right after turning 32 as a V2 gym but had big goals - V10 + 5.14. He didn't blink. He believed in me. We developed a long-term, nearly 8-year, plan designed to tackle all aspects of my needed progression. My gains to date have been huge, both in the gym and on rock. I have never been more psyched. It has been a tremendous partnership.


Johnny Chen

From V5-V7

Working with Charlie and Paradigm Climbing has not only helped me improve my climbing, but it's also helped me enjoy climbing more. I've gone from someone who barely sent one V6 and struggles on a lot of V4-5s to someone who has sent, can consistently flash V4-5, and projects V6-8. Charlie is always so responsive and thoughtful and at the end of the day, I like working with him because from the moment I started working with him, I felt like he was so invested in my growth and happiness. If you're looking for a climbing coach who can do all this and is also constantly improving his coaching business, Charlie can't be beat!


Dylan Salmon

First V8

I trained with Charlie for 6 months leading up to a trip to Joes Valley. My main goal was to send a V8, but I was entering my training block with debilitating elbow injuries. While working with a PT on the injuries and training with Coach Charlie’s guidance I was able to recover fully and go on my trip feeling ready. I managed to send a V8 after 4 days battling it out on the same boulder problem. All this to say, I am grateful to Charlie and his commitment to making climbers better at their sport. By utilizing climbing specific workouts and movement drills, I really felt like this plan helped me more than any other plan I have tried (Lattice, Crimpd, Rock Prodigy & Power Company are a few others I’ve tried with less success). I will be back to train with a Charlie soon for sure, after a long and hopefully send-filled diabase season here! Keep up the strong work, you are doing so much good!


Gray O'Reilly

From V7/8 to V10+


I have trained with Charlie for 3 cycles and can confidently say he is one of the best climbing coaches out there. He listens to you, gets to know you, and helps you set challenging but appropriate goals. Writes a custom training plan, giving you all of the tools to reach those goals. And is there with you every step of the way (usually whooping and hollering for you). Can't recommend Paradigm enough.

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